An organisation’s reputation, survival and success rests on its ability to communicate with the public as well as its own employees and stakeholders.

Organisations today need effective corporate communications strategies to ensure up-to date information, knowledge and awareness are always available to all who need them.

Tailored internal communication programs can imprint your business with a strong company culture, improve employee morale and provide a quick and transparent conduit for important company information. Platform has the knowledge, skills and resources to deliver a range of internal programs, including:

  • reward and recognition programs
  • leadership initiatives
  • performance monitoring and evaluation
  • employee value proposition development
  • recruitment campaigns
  • intranet development
  • human resources rollouts and transitions
  • merger and acquisition communications.

Our consultants are also experienced in change management and have implemented successful internal communication programs during times of company transition and restructuring, such as:

  • workplace agreements
  • new reporting structures
  • clear change strategies
  • change vision across large-scale workforces
  • business improvement initiatives.

Our external communication expertise includes the fields of media relations and marketing, and our communication experts have developed and delivered a broad range of external communication programs including:

  • government relations strategies
  • industry group analysis
  • media management, including organising media partnerships
  • advocate group identification and analysis
  • public engagement campaigns, including social media and blog management
  • union communication
  • crisis management
  • management of public forums, meetings, and focus groups.

In addition, Platform regularly provides clients with in-house assistance and secondments in order to fill temporary communication role vacancies, provide annual leave cover and assist with work overflow and specialised projects within communications departments.