Platform offers a full suite of marketing and communication services for internal and external stakeholder needs.

We understand the need to tailor information and delivery to account for a range of factors, including the target audience, access to communication channels, language skills, and cultural differences.

We use a range of communication tools including words, images, colour, symbols, and channels to get the right message to the right people, at the right time, first time.

We use our depth of experience to create innovative strategies to help clients achieve their business objectives.

Our marketing solutions, using channels including social, paid, and earned media, traditional advertising, promotions and conferences, will be developed as part of a holistic approach to your overall communications campaign. We deliver bespoke solutions that speak to your business, your stakeholders, and your requirements.

Strategic Marketing

We tailor our strategic marketing and communications plans to your company’s needs.

Our services include

Corporate Branding

Platform’s creative graphic designers excel at translating the goals, values and functions of an organisation into an integrated and compelling corporate brand.

Our corporate branding service comprises:

Media Management

Platform consultants understand the media relations process and have positive working relationships with Australian and global media representatives. Our focus is to work with the media on behalf of our clients to raise positive awareness and create an impact with a target audience.

Platform’s bespoke media training is for organisations and individuals who would like to effectively engage with the media and build reputation, credibility and trust with stakeholders.

Our training sessions cover how the media operates, what journalists expect and how organisations and individuals can develop good relationships with the media in order to enhance their reputation. It also provides participants with the opportunity to practice skills necessary for media interviews.

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Our services include:

Events Management

Our experienced team has a reputation for organising complex and large-scale events that require meticulous planning and inventive ideas within budgetary constraints.

The Platform events management service encompasses:

  • Drafting event budgets
  • Timeline mapping
  • Running sheets
  • Sourcing talent
  • Associated media releases
  • Corporate publications and brochures
  • Briefing notes
  • Facilities and resource management
  • Local and global logistics
  • Speech writing

The talented Platform events management team can deliver tailored events to complement strategic goals. Our services include: