Our graphic design team delivers effective communication results by integrating our strategic approach across a broad palette of creative materials.

Platform’s highly-skilled design team delivers professional results for our clients, on time and on budget, every time.
Our creative service includes:
Factsheets, brochures and newsletters

We create documents to provide our clients with a concise medium to convey key messages and important information. Our team develops editorial and design concepts that successfully deliver corporate messages and information to target audiences.

Exhibition booths and collateral

Platform’s graphic design team creates innovative exhibition booth designs to maximise available space, clearly articulate client messages and attract interest.
Platform can also develop themed fact sheets, brochures and branded promotional items to add a tactile and lasting element to client exhibitions.

Corporate identity and branding

A strong and recognisable brand is essential to establish and grow an organisation’s corporate identity.
Platforms’ corporate branding services include developing original logos, advising on colour palettes, introducing graphic elements and creating style guides, to assist with capturing and communicating company values.
Our designers excel at translating an organisation’s goals, values and functions into a consistent and compelling corporate brand image.


Stylish and striking imagery is a critical element of any effective website, brochure, corporate document or event. We draw on both in-house talent and our trusted external photography suppliers to enhance corporate communications complemented by appropriate imagery.