Platform has assisted many companies to create, improve and maintain strong relationships with local communities, business and industry groups, and government groups by skillfully conducting relationship building, negotiation and impact assessment programs.

We deliver advice and support on how to develop and implement:
  • community relations strategies
  • social investment initiatives
  • partnership programs
  • issues management strategies
  • crisis management programs
  • risk management plans
  • extranet communication strategies.
Mismanaged issues can rapidly evolve into crises in today’s fast-paced world of global communications. Platform’s issues management services include:
  • media monitoring
  • reporting and analysis
  • community consultation
  • stakeholder group analysis
  • environmental forecasting
  • strategy development.
Platform reacts quickly and provides valuable advice and support in the event of a company crisis. Our crisis management support service entails:
  • crisis communication strategies
  • internal communication plans
  • external communication management including media, government, industry and unions
  • holding statements
  • press releases
  • Q&A documents
  • executive briefings and key speeches
  • social media communication advice
  • public support building campaigns.